Create Warning Virus Page Using Termux

Hey Friends in this post I will show you how you can create a page which shows virus warning to your victim and you can easily install your any application to the victims phone using this page.

sandeep tech

You can create exectly the same page which you see above.

Your Victim not able to cancel or close this message even they click on cancel button

So Lets get Started....

Enter the below commands one by one into your Termux 

					apt update
apt upgrade -y
apt install wget php openssh curl -y
unzip alert
cd AlertPage
nano index.html

Now you will see some coding’s like below page don’t get confused just follow my blog.

Scroll Down till end and you will see “Sandeep Tech”

Replace the name Sandeep Tech with any of your malicious application link and save this script by pressing Ctrl then x then y and hit enter.

Now run and check this script in your local server just copy and paste below command to test it locally.

					php -S

Now open your Google Chrome browser and type the below URL.


and hit enter then you will see this page.

Sandeep Tech

Sandeep Bhondwe


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