Customize Termux With Single Script

Hi Friends, In this post I will show you how you can customize your Termux look like a Hacker Device.

Friends, in today’s post we are going to see how we will modify the screen of Termux using single bash script.

What Is Termux ?

Termux is an Android Terminal Emulator app. Which provides Kali Linux Environment Provide. Termux commands are similar to Kali Linux. So if you do not have a PC for Kali Linux. Then you can start with Termux.

By the way, there are many apps available on the internet to install Kali Linux in mobile. But for that, at least 1GB storage is required in the mobile. Along with this, the mobile also has to be rooted. After rooting the mobile, there are many problems in the mobile.

But mobile rooting is not necessary for Termux. At the same time, the size of this app is less than 1MB. If 200 MB is also free in your mobile. Then you can use it very easily.

Through this, you can use many tools and packages of Kali Linux from mobile itself. Which makes hacking from mobile easy. Many more Add-ons are available in this.

Note -: Don’t Download Termux from Google Playstore because its outdated now.

Click the below link and download the stable version of Termux.


PC is not always with us. But the smartphone is always with you. In such a situation, to carry out an incident like hacking from a smartphone.

I hope you liked the introduction of Termux. If you want to ask anything about this or related to this. Then you can ask through comment. We will respond to your comment soon.

Copy and Paste All the below commands one by one in to your Termux

					apt update && apt upgrade -y
apt install wget curl git -y
					wget && cd $HOME && bash sandeep && cd $HOME && echo "rm sandeep" > && bash && rm && logout

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