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Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about such a trick. Who can create Whatsapp account from their number +1, +21, +124, USA number. That is, Whatsapp Account International No. can be made in

That is, Whatsapp can be made with Fake Number. Now let’s see, How To Make International Whatsapp Account With USA +1 in Hindi.

Today I will teach you how to create Fake Whatsapp Account. It’s totally free. An app will be needed to create a Fake Whatsapp Account. That is TextNow App. Change is made to USA +1 or other country number by entering your Virtual Number (real number) in this app. We all know, By SMS Verification has to be done while creating Whatsapp account. It will convert from your original number to USA Number from TextNow APP and gives us the number in New USA +1, now WhatsApp account can be created from that new number (USA +1). In this way, Fake Whatsapp Account can be created in a simple way.

After creating USA Number (international no.), WhatsApp Account is created in a simple way. And you can surprise your friends by sending WhatsApp SMS from USA +1 Number. Let’s start, how to create WhatsApp account with Fake Number or International Number?

Benefits of creating a WhatsApp account from a foreign number (International Number. Benefits)

  1. If you will give WhatsApp number to someone. So he will only be able to chat with you.
  2. If he wants to call, he can’t. If you are girl or ladies then best for you. Because they can’t call you.
  3. You can hide your real identity.

So let’s know friends, how and how to do this trick? Convert your WhatsApp number to International number.

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