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Many times people give wrong information IP Logger while talking to other people’s. Do you also know any acquaintance who gives wrong information about the IP logger or IP Tracker to track exact location? If yes, then we are going to tell you a trick with the help of which you can track anyone’s location very easily.

While doing this, the person whose location you are tracking does not even get the information. Not only this, there is a facility to track the location using IP Logger of many people simultaneously.

Apart from this, if someone sends you a fake link, then you can check it very easily with the help of a website. Both these websites are completely free.

Do you want to know the location of a user? Or can someone else track your location? Hackers can track your location using IP Logger very easily. For this they only need to get hold of your IP address. Let us know how users can track someone’s location with the help of IP address.

Do you know who gets to know your IP address using IP Logger when you watch a video on your computer or through YouTube? After all, what is IP address, how can the real time location of a person be found out through it and mobile number. Let us study through this article.

Many times we see how a mobile phone is traced using IP Logger when it is lost. In this digital world, everything is done sitting at home through the internet, whether you want to book tickets, get information about another country, etc., everything is done sitting at home.

Most of us use the internet and watch videos through YouTube. But do you know who might know your IP address? How to find out what an IP address is, how location can be detected through it, can location be detected from mobile also etc. Let us study through this article.

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How to trace someone else’s IP. So for this:

Let us first study what is IP address?

When you buy a car or bike, you are given a number which is written on the number plate. If any person does something wrong with any vehicle like causing an accident etc. then the owner of that vehicle can be reached through this number.

Similarly, when you buy a mobile phone and give ID proof, a number is also given. This number is given so that if someone does something wrong with a mobile phone or that number, then his address can be found and he can be reached.

Similarly, when you use the Internet or online connection such as WiFi, you are given an IP address while using the Internet. Then whenever you access or visit any website, every website gets information about who you are, which browser you are using, which phone you are using, even they know that It depends on what the IP address of the user is.

That is, IP address is a technical term which is called Internet Protocol Address (IP Address). This means that whatever communication takes place between all the computers connected or linked in the network is done through IP address only.

No one knows what the name of your computer or mobile phone is but the IP address is known. So all the devices connected to the Internet, whether phones, computers, or if there are IOT devices like watch, fridge etc., they are also given an IP address.

This address is available from companies providing internet connections. Suppose you have a Jio, Airtel, Vodafone or any other connection, then these people give you an IP address.

Now the question arises whether these companies create IP addresses themselves or get them from somewhere. Let us study.

Let us tell you that this IP address is provided to these companies by the IANA agency.

IANA is an Internet Assigned Number Authority. It provides IP address to everyone in the whole world. It only sees which IP address is given to whom.

How does IANA assign IP addresses?

If you go to the IANA web page, you will see IP Addresses and AS Numbers in Number Resources. If you click on it, you will see that it has divided the whole world according to regions like Asia, Africa, Europe etc.

You all know that India also comes in Asia, so IANA has created APNIC. That is, it provides IP address to all the internet providing companies in India, be it Jio, Vodafone, Airtel, Idea etc.

Now suppose these companies have got one crore IPs in a bunch, then these companies will distribute the IPs among different people.

Now if you want to find out what is your IP that you have got: then how to do it?

For this go to Google and write what is my IP? Then you will know the IP. That means this IP has been assigned to you and has not been given to anyone else. If you do any work, you can be tracked as to which website you have visited and when.

APNIC has a record of to whom it has given this IP address. If you go to APNIC page you will see Who is & Website. By clicking on this, when you enter someone’s IP address, it will tell to whom this address was given, the name of that place and which company it was given.

Note: Whenever you turn on/off your phone or modem or turn on the phone in flight mode, your IP changes.

Let us tell you that people in India get dynamic IP. That means that IP which keeps changing. Static IP is one which does not change, that is, whether the user is using the internet or not, his IP address does not change. IP from IANA is purchased with money.

Suppose Vodafone has 200 IP addresses but it has to give IP addresses to 300 people, then Vodafone knows that these 300 people will not use the Internet at the same time. So these companies save their IP address. When users are not connected to the Internet, the IP of one user is given to another user. Then when another user turns on or uses the internet, he is given a new IP.

But there can be a problem in all this that if everyone connects to the Internet simultaneously then how will the IP address be given? In such a situation, the server goes down, maintenance takes place or the internet connection is stopped for some time. What will happen with this is that some users will go back and then people start getting IP. Hanna Interesting point.

With the help of IANA, it can be found out where the person lives, which country he lives in, which city he is in, but his real time cannot be easily detected because the IP is available to any user.

If IP is given to any company, be it Airtel or Vodafone etc., then that company also has the data of this IP address which it maintains, from what time till what time the user has used the internet and also what is its name. Which is taken while giving SIM through Aadhar Card or Voter ID.

Through this, the SIM number and the house of that person are known, but this is not given to everyone, for this an order comes from the court or there is intervention of ISP, only then all this can be told. It is not in the hands of any website or any person to tell the real time location through IP.

ISP maintains data at its level that whether a user used the internet on this date, at this time etc. ISP keeps all this data private.

Similarly, when using internet from a mobile phone, the real time location using IP Logger of a person can be found out with the help of his IP address.

Lets Know about IP Logger.

To track anyone’s location with the help of internet, search Grabify IP Logger on Google Chrome browser. Here you will see many options. Of which you have to visit only After logging in, you can create a tracking link and send it to the person whose location track using IP Logger you want to track. Let us tell you that tracking someone’s location without permission is illegal.

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So Lets Start To Track The Location.

First visit this below website and the URL field enter any website url like,, etc..

See the below video for reference.

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