Kali Nethunter Non Root Devices Best Method 2023

kali nethunter non root

What is Kali Nethunter?

Kali Nethunter Non Root Sandeep Tech is a mobile penetration testing platform that allows users to run Kali Nethunter Non Root on their Android devices without requiring root access. Kali Linux is a widely used open-source penetration testing operating system that offers a vast array of security testing tools and utilities.

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Here is some important information about Kali Nethunter Non Root:

  • Overview: Kali NetHunter Sandeep Tech is a mobile penetration testing platform designed for Android devices. It is based on Kali Linux and offers a range of powerful security tools to assess and test the security of networks and devices.

  • Non-Root Approach: The β€œnon-root” version of Kali NetHunter is designed to work on Android devices without the need for rooting. Rooting a device involves gaining privileged access to the system, which may have security implications. The non-root version provides a more secure and accessible way to use Kali NetHunter.

  • Features: Kali NetHunter offers various features including Non-Root Wireless Injection, HID Keyboard Attack, 1-Click MANA Evil Access Point Setup and many other advanced capabilities for wireless penetration testing.

  • Installation: To install Kali NetHunter Non-Root, you usually follow the specific installation instructions provided by the Kali Nethunter Non Root project. The installation process includes downloading and installing the NetHunter application, installing the required components, and configuring the system to run Kali Linux in a chroot environment.

  • Usage: Once installed, users can access the Kali Linux environment within the NetHunter app and use the suite of penetration testing tools available in Kali Linux. It allows security assessment and testing on the go directly from the Android device.

  • Security Considerations: Running Kali NetHunter Non-Rooted is considered safer than the rooted version, as it does not require the potentially risky process of rooting the device. However, users should still exercise caution and use the tools responsibly, as they are powerful and are for authorized security testing purposes.

  • Community and Support: The Kali Nethunter Non Root Sandeep Tech project has an active community that provides support, updates, and additional features. Users can engage with the community through forums, online discussions, and other platforms to ask for help, share experiences, and contribute to the project.


Download and Install Latest Version of Termux in Android From Below Link. (The Play Store release is no longer updated, so not recommended.)

πŸ‘‡ Click Below Button To Download πŸ‘‡

Download Termux

Now open Termux and run the following commands:

πŸ‘‡ Just copy and paste in Termux πŸ‘‡

pkg update -y && pkg upgrade -y
pkg install apt wget git curl python php -y
wget https://link.sandeeptech.com/linux
chmod +x linux
bash linux

After completing the above steps, you will be in the Kali Linux shell

Run the following commands in Kali Shell:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EXALAB/AnLinux-Resources/master/Scripts/DesktopEnvironment/Apt/Xfce4/de-apt-xfce4.sh && bash de-apt-xfce4.sh

When it asks, create and confirm a new password and remember it. You will need this to login in the later steps.

After setting the password, run the following command:

vncserver -kill :1
rm -f ~/.vnc/xstartup
echo -e '#!/bin/bash\nxrdb \$HOME/.Xresources\nstartxfce4 &' > ~/.vnc/xstartup
sudo chmod +x ~/.vnc/xstartup
  • In Android, let Termux run in the background by pressing the Home button.

  • Install VNC Viewer in Android and open it.

  • In the VNC viewer, press the + button in the lower right corner.
    • Under address type localhost:5901
    • Under Name type any name you want to appear in the app.
    • Press Create. An entry will appear with the name you entered.

  • Press the entry you just created in the VNC viewer.

  • Type the password you created in the previous step (turn on the Remember Password slider if necessary) and press Continue in the upper right corner.

  • You will soon be in your Kali Linux XFCE4 desktop environment.


Once you are done (hacking) using Kali-Linux, follow these steps to stop the session:

  • Swipe down from the top of the VNC Viewer app and tap the cross (X) icon. Tap Disconnect when it asks you to confirm disconnect.
  • Now close the VNC Viewer app.
  • Then open Termux running in the background.
  • To stop the VNC server in Kali and exit Kali, run the following command:
vncserver -kill:1


To start a new session if the installation part has already been completed, follow these steps:

  • Open Termux and run the command vncviewer
  • In Android, let Termux run in the background by pressing the Home button.
  • Open VNC Viewer and press the entry you created during installation.
  • Type the password created during installation (turn on the Remember Password slider if preferred) and press Continue in the upper right corner.
  • You will soon be in your Kali Linux XFCE4 desktop environment.
  • Click here to see how to stop a session.

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