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What is L3MON Android RAT ?

L3MON Android RAT is an Android malware threat that has the ability to access the infected device through a remote interface where remote hackers can infiltrate that device. As a remote access trojan (RAT), L3MON Android RAT can allow remote attackers to gain access to certain personal data stored on a smartphone or other device running the Android operating system.

The sneaky part of L3MON Android RAT is that it mimics legitimate Android apps like companion chat app or Crazy Talk messaging app, both of which are known as communication tools.

Users of Android devices and some versions of Android OS should be wary of the L3MON Android RAT threat and take action to check the malware and remove it at once to reduce the risk of being attacked by a remote hacker.

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Features of L3MON RAT

  • SMS Log’s
  • Microphone Recording
  • View Contacts
  • GPS Logging
  • Send SMS
  • Call Log’s
  • Access Gallery
  • Screenshot Capture
  • View Installed App’s
  • View Stub Permissions
  • Live Clipboard Logging
  • Live Notification Logging
  • View Wi-Fi Networks (log’s previously seen)
  • File Explorer & File Downloader
  • Command Queuing
  • Built In APK Builder


  • Termux Application (Latest Version Link Available)
  • Active Internet Connection
  • My Commands mentioned below…😜

What Is Termux.

If you also want to become a hacker. Or want to learn hacking. Then this article is just for you. Therefore, you should always keep improving your skills in hacking.

The best for this is Kali Linux and Parrot OS. But for this we must have a PC. But if you do not have a computer or laptop. Then you can do it from mobile also.

If anyone does not know Termux. Then definitely read this article.

Termux is an Android Terminal Emulator app. Which provides Kali Linux Environment. Termux commands are similar to Kali Linux operating system. So if you do not have a PC for Kali Linux. Then you can get started with Termux.

Actually, there are many apps available on the internet to install Kali Linux in mobile. Minimum 1GB storage is required to install Kali Linux in mobile. Along with this, the mobile also has to be rooted. After rooting the mobile, there are many problems in the mobile.

There is no compulsion to root the mobile for Termux. The size of this app is much less than 1MB. If you have 200 MB free in your mobile. Then you can use it very easily.

Through this, you can use many tools and packages of Kali Linux from your mobile. Which makes hacking from mobile easier. Also available Many more addons for Termux.

How To Setup L3MON Android RAT in Termux.

Before We start to setup L3MON Android RAT in Android you need to download Termux Application from below Link.

👇 Click Below Button To Download 👇

Download Termux

After downloading Termux Just copy and paste below 👇 commands one by one in Termux.

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
pkg install apt wget git unzip -y
chmod +x l3mon-install
bash l3mon-install

After install L3MON RAT just type lemon in Termux and copy and paste below link in your chrome browser.


Setup L3MON server Username and Password

To setup the username and password of your L3MON RAT you just need to copy and paste the below commands in your Termux and follow the process.

cd $PREFIX/share/lemon

Now you will see one file call maindb.json you need to edit this file using below command.

nano maindb.json

Click Below Link and Generate MD5Hash Password (Use only small letters)

sandeep tech

Copy this md5hash password and paste in your maindb.json password field.

Example -: I have created a password of sandeeptech and its md5hash is de4f0114611aab15fef8881083f2de10 then you have to enter this md5hash in password field and when you login then use password sandeeptech.

After Enter the username and password press CTRL + X then Y and hit Enter to save the file.

That's it Now You can Access This RAT in Your Phone.

Sandeep Bhondwe

I am Sandeep Bhondwe Developer and Owner of Sandeep Tech Website. I am Computer Engineer and Ethical Hacker.

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